This website has been in existence since 1996.

Back in its establishment, "The Reference" section originally offered hundreds of sorted, verified website links to musicians, artists, record labels and organizations I supported and personally enjoyed.

After 20 years (as of 2016), with the advent of social networking, proliferation of countless websites, and meticulously expansive search engine accessibility, this section has been repurposed to evolve and present informational records of personal interest for future reference - in correlation to my finite existence.


Since the selective accessibility and consumption of movies/films, episodic series/mini-series, and documentaries has changed since the turn of the 21st century, I have noticed a dramatic, albeit gradual, change in my consumption of such visual storytelling pieces of art (one could argue).

After 2010, as a video/visual artist, I began to notice a change in my own level of "visual consumption" selectivity. Primarily, the massive cultural shift in "media accessibility" and the change in concept of "television" allowed me to access and appreciate much more in what I choose to watch (consume). I believe my appreciation of movies and episodic storytelling has also changed in several unique ways in regards of my brain's "input/output translation" interpretations.

Whether new or old, what I watch now (I'm discovering later in my life) has a renewed depth of field from which I now appreciate, reflect upon, and study from. Refreshingly, my shift in visual (with all its accompanied aural) consumption has helped my brain to re-adjust, re-align, re-think and re-ignite my own inspiration through a renewed interpretation - as well as a new "self reflection" point in my life. This is especially specific to my own ebb and flow of creativity - whether it be in future music, art, video or written projects.

Because of this, since 2013, I began the practice to keep track of everything I watched (a personal study of influence, character, etc) with quick notations on how impressive, moving and poignant (or not) each "visual piece" was to me. This became a yearly list and, to make things more interesting, I decided to take the "last 2 digits of each year" and make that my "Top [insert number]" list to present as a personal reference for myself and others. If you have a chance in your lifetime to view my top titles, obviously I highly recommend you do.

The following years are now archived for viewing reference:

"Top 12" of 2012
"Top 13" of 2013
"Top 14" of 2014
"Top 15" of 2015
"Top 16" of 2016
"Top 17" of 2017
"Top 18" of 2018
"Top 19" of 2019

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