I have designed 11 tattoos only viewable on human skin (7 on my own skin), since 1995. This is a partial online portfolio of my designs on my own body. The tattooist featured here is Matt Cirino. For those interested in tattoo designs, please contact me to arrange a consultation.

Those wishing to have any work inked by Matt Cirino (my personal tattooist in Ohio), can find him at his own shop Tried & True in Elyria, Ohio. To contact him for appointments and information, please call (440) 281-9996.

I also personally recommend Shannon Howard, formerly of Voodoo Custom Tattoo. I am unsure of her current status of retirement, however you can contact me to check for more information.

Tattoo #9
Right Forearm (Part 1)

Tattoo #10
Right Forearm (Part 2)

Tattoo #3
Left Wrist

Tattoo #6
Upper Right Arm

Tattoo #2
Left Leg

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