I have painted over 84 oil paintings since 1996. This is an online portfolio of most of my painted work. For acquisition purchasers, galleries, curators, and exhibitors interested in my work, please contact me to arrange an appointment for your examination of the piece(s) in person or for purchase and shipment information. I have had 8 art exhibitions, including 7 temporary installations of my work.

The 2006 "Open Your Eyes" Series (Philadelphia)



The 2005 "Final Days" Collection


"You Are Almost There"

"Packing Alone"

"October Night"

"Monkey See,
Monkey Do"

"Making New Friends"

"One Day We Will Look Back And Say"

"Self-Portrait #143"

"Messed Up In The Head"

"All That I Am And All That I Ever Was"


"Wear Your Inside Out"

The 1996-2002 Period

"Unlucky Day"

"Where As Once I Was Blind,
Now I Can See"

"When Will You Stop Hurting..."


"Fall Down And See What Happens"

"Self-Portrait #34"

"Self-Portrait #24"

"Sarcophagus III"


"Linear Thinking"



"Moving In"

"You Never Wanted Me"

"Figure 4: Control"


"Self-Portrait #17"

"Elated How I Feel, Betrayed How I Am"

"You Killed Me"



"My Sunset"

"I'm Fine"

"Communication Is Architecture"

"No Good Without You"

"Ars Est Celare Artem"

"Samskara IV"

"Self-Portrait #12"

"Time Lapse In Winter"


"You Can't Hide"

"This Changes Everything"

"Number One High"

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